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Shop Safe / VALBERG TCS-108

Product Code:PROMETSAFE-2127-01
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Вес, кг:
1 год
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):
Тип покрытия:
светло-серый с эффектом молотковой эмали (RAL7038)

Designed for safe storage of banknotes, coins, cards, receipts and other documents during the working day. Resistance to breaking: GOST R 50862-2012, class 0. Electrical safety: GOST R 52161.1-2004. Electromagnetic compatibility: GOST R 51318.14.1-2006.

  • welded metal construction with steel thickness of enclosure is 1.5 mm, the bezel 2.8 mm
  • easy placement under the Desk of the cashier or teller
  • the boxes are opened by pressing the appropriate button on the control panel
  • the design prevents access to deposited banknotes when you open the top drawer, thanks to the protective steel plate
  • the deposited banknotes are stored in the bottom drawer in a special 5-section of the cassette are separated by denominations
  • removable cassette for depositing is equipped with a handle and key lock with the possibility of sealing
  • you can connect to the alarm system. When alarm is triggered, all the drawers are locked for 30 minutes
  • the presence of anchoring to the floor. Anchor bolt included
  • powered by 220V
Вес, кг:52
Гарантия:1 год
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):602x500x434
Тип покрытия:порошковое
Цвет:светло-серый с эффектом молотковой эмали (RAL7038)