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Shop Safe / Cabinet drying zone Wind 1940 (without shelves)

Product Code:PROMETSAFE-1667-01
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1 год
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Серый, RAL 7038 (Шагрень)

Drying Cabinet designed for drying wet clothing, shoes, scarves, gloves. The operating principle is the circulation of heated air inside the Cabinet. Used in preschool educational institutions, boarding schools.


  • Dries in 4 hours - power heating elements 2500W and fan capacity 180 m3/h allow to dry not just damp but very wet clothes.
  • Ease of use - the temperature and the drying time can be configured with two controllers. There is an indicator of the time of completion of work. Handle any untrained person.
  • Rigidity thanks to the use of the patented system, body rigidity is comparable and even superior to the similar parameters of welded cabinets.
  • Reliable lock - kljucevi lock CyberLock CL/3P AM1 556-91 with 2-way bolt locking system on 2000 combinations
  • Capacity more than 10 sets of top children's clothing
  • Shelf (optional) - allows you to place as outerwear, and gloves, mittens, socks, etc. due to good air circulation accelerates the drying time.
  • Safety - the heating element is located in the upper part, which prevents the ingress of water on the electric elements.Ouzo is outside of the housing.
  • Galvanized bottom Cabinet
  • Flange for exhaust in the kit
  • Supplied without shelves, unassembled (two places).


  • Installation type - freestanding
  • Drying type - vented, heated air
  • Control type - mechanical
  • Drying time - timer(4 hours)
  • Maximum drying temperature up to 70°C
  • Display time to end of programme - Yes (dial timer)
  • Maximum load per shelf, kg - 10
  • Voltage, V - 220
  • Power consumption, W - 2580
  • Frequency, Hz - 50
  • The power of the heating elements, W - 2х1250
  • Air capacity, m3 / h - 180
  • Noise level, dB - 45
  • Cable length power supply cm - 300
  • Flange - Ø 125mm
  • Color - Grey, RAL 7038 (Shagreen)
  • Additional shelf mesh SS Cyclone 1965
  • Set SHS 1940 (mesh shelf/stand/crossbar)
  • Color of facades: RAL 6018, RAL 1018, RAL 2008
Вес, кг:68
Гарантия:1 год
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):1950x850x500
Тип замка:Ключевой
Цвет:Серый, RAL 7038 (Шагрень)