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Product Code:PROMETSAFE-2091-01
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5 лет
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3 класс
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белый структурированный

Safe-thermostat TS-3/12 is designed for the storage of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, duly registered in the Russian Federation as medicinal medicinal. Medical device TS-3/12 provide an order of storage of medicines, determined by the Rules, utverzdenie the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 31.12.2009 № 1148.
Safe-medical thermostat TS-3/12 consumer has the following properties:
Follows the Rules of simultaneous and separate storage of thermolabile and does not require special temperature conditions medicines overall 80 litre capacity and conditions specified by the Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation:

  • or in the fridge
  • or in a cool place
  • or at room temperature
  • or when the temperature of the environment
Provides resistance to cracking by:
  • multi-layered protection of walls and door
  • reinforced transom locking system
  • protection against drilling and knocking out of the lock and crossbars
  • when attaching medical devices using the anchor holes to the floor etc
Implements approved Rules of storing medicines:
  • in isolated areas on the third or fourth category, with climatic conditions NF 4.1
Has a lockable chamber, which is made of stainless steel and equipped with:
  • hub providing thermal storage modes
  • led lighting
  • alarm door opener
Equipped with a meter regulator, which allows you to:
  • to adjust, set and change the temperature value storage
  • simultaneous display of current value adjustable and a predetermined storage temperature
  • to provide access to information network RS-485
  • adjustment of temperature values stored in the process operation of the product
  • enable security settings of the device
Equipped with a semiconductor thermoelectric module which provide:
  • the specified thermal conditions of storage
  • low noise and energy consumption
  • minimizing the size and weight of the product
  • increase of ecological safety
Comes with output connector RJ-45 category 5e, which allows you to:
  • To organize emergency alarm
  • opening the door of the working chamber
  • disconnect line voltage power supply
  • the disconnection of the communication cable
  • Apply the information in the RS-485 network
  • metering devices temperature storage
  • configuring products with PC
  • archiving of measured values storage temperature
  • the integration of the product in ACS, etc
Medical device TS-3/12 is equipped with additional nodes in any complete set under the order:
  • a signal Converter interface USB to RS - 485
  • a signal Converter interface Ethernet RS-485
  • Wi-Fi module
  • an electronic counter opening the door of the safe
  • EL-electronic code lock LA GARD (class B, ECB-S) or 600 PS (PROMET, class b, GOST, ECB-S)
The presence of safes, thermostats medicinskih-3/12 in a warehouse or manufacturing products under the order.
Safe-thermostat TS-3/12 conforms to GOST R 57266-2016
Safe-the thermostat meets the GOST "State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation" XII edition. Part 1
Вес, кг:133
Гарантия:5 лет
Класс взломостойкости:3 класс
Объём, л:15
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):680x510x510
Размеры внутренние, мм (ВхШхГ):217x263x262
Тип покрытия:эмаль
Цвет:белый структурированный