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Shop Safe / VALBERG TS - 3/25 mod. Fort M 1385.3

Product Code:PROMETSAFE-843-01
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Вес, кг:
Гарантия на замок:
1 год
5 лет
Класс взломостойкости:
3 класс
Количество полок:
Объём, л:
150, 25х2 - термостат, 25х4 - ящик
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):
Размеры внутренние, мм (ВхШхГ):
Тип замка:

Registration certificate for medical device No. RZN 2014/2015 from 02.12.2014 years. Safe-thermostat TS-3/25, modification of "Fort 1385.3 M", intended for the storage of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, duly registered in the Russian Federation as medicinal medicinal. Safe-medical thermostat TS-3/25, modification of "Fort M 1385.3" made under license of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of healthcare of the Russian Federation № FS-99-04-002639 from 28.04.2015 year and shall ensure the proper storage of medicines, specific Regulations, approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 31.12.2009 № 1148. Medical device TS-3/25 , modification of "Fort 1385.3 M", has a certificate of conformity 0000012/03-14 dated 04.03.2014 year and has the following consumer properties: comply with the conditions of storage of medicines defined by the Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation:

  • or in the fridge and in a cool place and at a temperature of ambient air
  • or in the fridge and when the temperature of the environment
  • or in a cool place and at a temperature of ambient air
  • or when the temperature of the environment
  • or when the temperature of the environment

Has the possibility of simultaneous and separate storage of thermolabile and medicines intended for injections, internal and external medical applications.Provides resistance to cracking by:

  • multi-layered protection of walls and door
  • reinforced transom locking system
  • protection against drilling and knocking out the lock KABA MAUER and beams

Implements approved Rules of storing medicines:

  • in isolated areas on the third or fourth category, with climatic conditions NF 4.1
  • when you attach a TS-3/25, modification of "Fort 1385.3 M", to the floor, etc.

Is equipped with two thermostats, each of which:

  • Using your meter – the regulator implements:
  • regulation setpoint storage
Вес, кг:700±10%
Гарантия на замок:1 год
Гарантия:5 лет
Класс взломостойкости:3 класс
Количество полок:2
Объём, л:150, 25х2 - термостат, 25х4 - ящик
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):1500x850x510
Размеры внутренние, мм (ВхШхГ):409x263x233
Тип замка:ключевой
Тип покрытия:эмаль
Цвет:белый структурированный