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Shop Safe / VALBERG TS - 3/50

Product Code:PROMETSAFE-2128-01
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Вес, кг:
5 лет
Класс взломостойкости:
3 класс
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два ключевых
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белый структурированный

Safe-medical thermostat TS-3/50 consumer has the following properties:

  • Follows the Rules of simultaneous and separate storage of thermolabile and do not require special temperature conditions for medicinal products in the conditions defined by the Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation
  • Working chamber is made of stainless steel, equipped with IR illuminator and equipped with a door with lock
  • The source of the heat storage mode is a semiconductor thermoelectric module
  • Control of the volume of the working chamber is achieved by proportional changes of intensity of the air stream created
  • Simultaneous digital display of setpoint value and the value of the attained temperature with a resolution of 0.1°C
  • Installed storage temperature range 3.0° to T external
  • The accuracy of temperature maintenance in the working chamber is not worse than 0.3°C
Extra features:
  • Including lighting camera and emergency alarm sound when you open her door
  • The emergency alarm sound if no mains
  • The output of the two pairs of dry contact for alarm
  • Access to the RS-485 network for monitoring, control, collection and recording of data on a PC or Owen Cloud . . Options to order: - AT the network gateway or Converter RS-485 interface for the desired data transfer environment
  • low power consumption
  • environmental safety (no refrigerant)
  • low noise
  • the output of the network RS-485 for remote control and management of the archive in a graphical and tabular view and the integration into SCADA system
Вес, кг:210
Гарантия:5 лет
Класс взломостойкости:3 класс
Количество полок:2
Размеры внешние, мм (ВхШхГ):1170x510x510
Тип замка:два ключевых
Тип покрытия:эмаль
Цвет:белый структурированный